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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors, sometimes called resilient floors are highly versatile materials that can be used in many applications around the home, particularly in wet or moisture environments. Vinyl flooring materials are highly durable and are more affordable than other flooring materials such as ceramic tile or woods.

Advanced manufacturing techniques have made possible to produce vinyl materials with a very realistic resemblance to other natural materials such as marble, ceramic tile, etc.


There are literally hundreds of styles with different patterns , glosses, and colors. Matching a particular decorative style should not be a problem.


  • Affordability: vinyl flooring materials are very affordable without compromising beauty and style.
  • Easy maintenance: vinyl flooring materials are very easy to maintain over time. Cleaning can simply be done with a soapy water solution.
  • Comfort: vinyl flooring materials are more comfortable to stand on than other harder, unyielding floors. In addition, vinyl floors have good insulating properties, resulting in warmer floors in the winter and cooler floors in the summer.



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