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Laminate Floors

Laminate floors provide the highest flexibility in terms of availability of colors, patterns and styles. Laminate floor planks are made of fused high density fiberboard layers resulting in an extremely durable material. Image patterns are developed on the top layer using highly advanced imaging techniques and the surface is typically coated with Aluminum Oxide thus preventing scratching and staining. Laminate floors are also sometimes referred as floating floors because the planks are interlaced together by moisture sealed tongue and groove joints.

Design and Style

Laminate floors offer unlimited design and style possibilities in terms of partners, colors, and accents. Patterns and colors are derived from authentic three-dimensional reproductions of different wood species such as Pine, Maple, Oak, Chestnut, and others.

Additional Advantages

  • Durability: because of the structural nature of laminate floors, coating techniques, and moisture sealing, their durability is unsurpassed. Laminate floors are virtually unaffected by incidental wear, sunlight, and friction with objects such as furniture.
  • Stain Resistant: as a result of the Aluminum Oxide coating, laminate floors are stain resistant.
  • Easy maintenance: laminate floors require very little maintenance. Incidental cleaning can be done vacuuming and sweeping. Occasionally, laminate floors can be wiped with a wet cloth as well.
  • Easy installation: laminate floors are very easy to install. Because laminate planks are interlaced with each other, no nails are required. "Do it yourself" is feasible in most cases by taking the appropriate installation instruction from the manufacturer. As with any major home improvement project proper planning and measuring must be done in advance.



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